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Heat Transfer Research

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ISSN Print: 1064-2285
ISSN Online: 2162-6561

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Heat Transfer Research

DOI: 10.1615/HeatTransRes.v37.i6.50
pages 527-540

Effect of the Direction of Coolant Supply to Holes on the Vortical Structures Formed in Screen Cooling

S. V. Veretennikov
Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P.A.Solovyov, Rybinsk, Russia


The results of an experimental investigation of screen cooling of a plate for two variants of coolant supply to holes is considered: when a coolant flows parallel to the main stream and when it flows normally to the main stream. The experiments were carried out with the aid of a nonstationary technique using liquid crystal heat-indicators. The experimental data were processed with the aid of the least squares methods. The paper presents the results of numerical simulation of screen flow in the case of a normal direction of coolant flow relative to the main stream direction. The numerical simulation made it possible to reveal a complex structure of the coolant flow (of vortical nature) in a perforation hole.