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Journal of Porous Media

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ISSN Print: 1091-028X
ISSN Online: 1934-0508

Journal of Porous Media

DOI: 10.1615/JPorMedia.v9.i8.30
pages 731-744

Transport and Deposition of Fine Mode Particles in Porous Filters

Antonio Ferreira Miguel
Geophysics Centre of Évora, and Department of Physics, University of Évora, Évora, Portugal
A. Heitor Reis
Department of Physics, University of Évora, Rua Romão Ramalho, 59, 7000-671 Évora, Portugal; and Évora Geophysics Centre, Apartado 94, 7002-554 Évora, Portugal


Transport and deposition of fine mode aerosol particles in porous filters was investigated analytically. The study was carried out by considering the transport of fine particles through the filter as a convective-dispersive phenomenon. Collector-particle and particle-particle interactions within the filter were considered while reentrainment of deposited particles was assumed to be negligible as compared to particle attachment. Based on these assumptions, transient equations that govern the amount of particles deposited within the filter, pressure drop through the filter, and the filter's permeability and performance are presented. The approach developed here confirms the significance of the Peclet number, the Sherwood number, and geometrical parameters on filtration processes. These results may be useful for filter design as well as for filtering operation monitoring.