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Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer

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ISSN Print: 1065-5131
ISSN Online: 1563-5074

Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer

DOI: 10.1615/JEnhHeatTransf.v8.i4.50
pages 279-289

Optimum Finned Surfaces with Longitudinal Rectangular Fins

Rong-Hua Yeh
Department of Marine Engineering, National Kaohsiung Marine University, No. 142, Haijhuan Road, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City 81143, Taiwan, R.O.C.


This study investigates both one- and two-dimensional heat conduction through the fins in an array, the optimum aspect ratios of fins and the optimum spacings of longitudinal fin arrays are obtained at a given geometry of base plate, total fin volume, and Biot number. The heat transfer from fins' free ends is taken into consideration. For convenience of design, two design approaches are given for the optimized array system. It shows that the optimum aspect ratios of fins from one-dimensional analysis have higher accuracy for smaller Biot numbers. The larger the heat transfer coefficient at fin tip, the smaller the error of the one-dimensional solutions. One optimum aspect ratio of fins in arrays is obtained at two different Biot numbers. However, it is suggested that smaller Biot numbers should be selected in design for higher overall surface efficiencies.