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International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering
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ISSN Print: 1543-1649
ISSN Online: 1940-4352

International Journal for Multiscale Computational Engineering

DOI: 10.1615/IntJMultCompEng.2011002651
pages 707-726


Wenke Hu
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0526, USA
Youn Doh Ha
Department of Naval Architecture, Kunsan National University, 558 Daehak-ro (San 68, Miryong-dong) Gunsan, Jeonbuk, 573-701, Korea
Florin Bobaru
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0526, USA


We propose a peridynamic formulation for a unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite lamina based on homogenization and mapping between elastic and fracture parameters of the micro-scale peridynamic bonds and the macro-scale parameters of the composite. The model is then used to analyze the splitting mode (mode II) fracture in dynamic loading of a 0° lamina. Appropriate scaling factors are used in the model in order to have the elastic strain energy, for a fixed nonlocal interaction distance (the peridynamic horizon), match the classical one. No special criteria for splitting failure are required to capture this fracture mode in the lamina. Convergence studies under uniform grid refinement for a fixed horizon size (m-convergence) and under decreasing the peridynamic horizon (δ-convergence) are performed. The computational results show that the splitting fracture mode obtained with peridynamics compares well with experimental observations. Moreover, in the limit of the horizon going to zero, the maximum crack propagation speed computed with peridynamics approaches the value obtained from an analytical classical formulation for the steady-state dynamic interface debonding found in the literature.


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