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International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
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ISSN Print: 1521-9437
ISSN Online: 1940-4344

International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

Forthcoming Articles:

Potential Anticancer Activity of Macrolepiota procera (Agaricomycetes) on A549 Human Lung Cancer Cell Line
Mücahit Seçme, O?uzhan Kaygusuz, Canan Eroğlu, Yavuz Dodurga, Ömer Faruk Çolak, Pelin Atmaca
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018028589
Overview of the Biological Activities of the Methanolic Extract from wild Fomitopsis pinicola Fruiting Body from Central Italy
Paola Angelini, Bruno Tirillini, Giancarlo Bistocchi, Andrea Arcangeli, Andrea Rubini, Roberto Maria Pellegrino, Roberto Fabiani, Gabriele Cruciani, Roberto Venanzoni, Patrizia Rosignoli
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018028595
Partial purification and antioxidant activities of oligosaccharides from Hericium caput-medusae (Bull.:Fr.) Pers.
Guihong Ren, Miao Yue, Zhen Dong, Shad Mahfuz, Zhao Fei, Song Hui
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018028326
Evaluation of Lignin-Modifying Enzyme Activity of Trametes spp. Isolated from Georgian Forests with an Emphasis on T. multicolor (Nees) Pilát Biosynthetic Potential
Eva Kachlishvili, Mikheil D. Asatiani, Aza Kobakhidze, Vladimir Elisashvili
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018028186
The Effect of Growth Substrate and Extraction Solvent on Biological Activities of Oyster Culinary Medicinal Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus (Agaricomycetes)
Tannia Alexandra Quiñones-Muñoz, Nohely Salas-Navarrete, Daniel Fernando Cortez-Acosta, Érica Esthela Córdova-Gurrola, Gerardo Rafael Hernández-Carbajal, Elizabeth Varela-Santos
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018028180
Identification and Quantification of Triterpenoids in Lingzhi or Reishi Medicinal Mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum (Agaricomycetes) with HPLC-MSMS Methods
yanqing zhang, Huijie Xin, Leilei Fang, Junbo Xie, Wuqin Qi, Yuyu Niu, Fan Yang, Dandan Cai, zhiyou Wen
DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2018027398