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International Journal on Algae
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ISSN Print: 1521-9429
ISSN Online: 1940-4328

International Journal on Algae

DOI: 10.1615/InterJAlgae.v22.i3.40
pages 237-244

Missed Taxon: on the Generic Affiliation of Cyanobacteria Oscillatoria tanganyikae var. caspica Usachev

O. N. Vinogradova
M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, NAS of Ukraine, Tereschenkivska Str. 2, Kiev 01601, Ukraine
M. A. Nuriyeva
Institute of Botany, NAS of Azerbaijan, Badamdar 40, Baku AZ1004, Azerbaijan


Taxonomic history of the Caspian endemic Oscillatoria tanganyikae var. caspica Usachev is discussed. The taxon was described from the phytoplankton of the North Caspian in 1938 as a variety of the rare tropical species O. tanganyikae G. S. West and has since been repeatedly cited for this part of the sea. However, in all identification manuals and the floras of Cyanophyta, O. tanganyikae are given without intraspecific taxa. As a result of a taxonomic revision of the order Oscillatoriales, the species was recombined as Phormidium tanganyikae (G. S. West) Anagnostidis et Komarek 1988 and assigned to group II of this genus. Later, a complex study of a number of strains, morphologically corresponding to the species of group II, resulted in the description of the genus Kamptonema Strunecký, Komárek et J.Smarda, to which, according to its authors, P. tanganyikae may belong. Based on the analysis of modern approaches to the taxonomy of cyanobacteria, as well as morphological characters, ecology, and distribution O. tanganyikae var. caspica, we propose to include it in the genus Kamptonema as a new nomenclature combination: Kamptonema caspicum (Usachev) O.Vinogradova et M.Nuriyeva comb. nov.


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