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Neuropathological Diseases

ISSN Imprimir: 2160-2468
ISSN On-line: 2160-2476

Archives: Volume 1, 2012 to Volume 2, 2013

Neuropathological Diseases

DOI: 10.1615/NeuropatholDiseases.v1.i2.50
pages 161-178

Developing a Psycho-Oncology Program in Cancer Settings. Experiences from Southern Europe: the models of Ferrara and Lisbon

Luigi Grassi
Faculty of Medicine, Section of Psychiatry, Department of Medical Sciences of Communication and Behaviour, University of Ferrara, Ferrara, Italy
Luzia Travado
Clinical Psychology Unit, Central Lisbon Hospital, Centre-Hospital S. Jose, Lisbon, Portugal


Following the indications and recommendations of associations, institutions, and councils around the world, psycho-oncology should have a "mandatory" function in programs within the health system, with particular references to oncology. The steps in the development of psycho-oncology services and/or units; their functions in terms of clinical, educational, and research activities; the standards that should be respected; and the organizational characteristics are discussed. With regards to this, the experience of Southern Europe and countries, specifically the models developed in Ferrara, Italy and Lisbon, Portugal, are presented. The objective of psycho-oncology, namely that no cancer health is possible without taking into consideration mental health, and, consequently, it is not possible to provide cancer care without a specific investment in the psychosocial area, represents the challenge for the health system.