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International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms
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ISSN On-line: 1940-4344

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International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms

DOI: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2019031168
pages 645-656

The Inhibitory Properties of Ethanol Extracts of Some Culinary-Medicinal Mushrooms on the Secretion of Interleukin-8 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor by PC3 Cancer Cells

Christine French
Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA
Chandra LC
Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA
Stephen L . Clarke
Departments of Nutrition The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK 73104; Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA
Edralin A. Lucas
Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA
Brenda J. Smith
Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA
Stanley Lightfoot
Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, VA Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK 73104, USA
Solo R. Kuvibidila
Oklahoma State University, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Stillwater, OK 74078, USA; The Research Institute of Children's Hospital, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Research, 200 Henry Clay, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA


Interleukin (IL)-8, a cytokine produced by immune and non-immune cells, induces angiogenesis via increased vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) secretion; both cytokines promote tumor growth. IL-8 and VEGF plasma levels correlate with prostate cancer severity, suggesting that therapeutic options aimed at their downregulation may modulate tumor growth. Available data suggest that Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom [WBM]) extracts inhibit cancer cell proliferation through aromatase inhibition. However, the extent to which they affect IL-8 and VEGF remains to be elucidated. The aims of this study were to (1) investigate the antiproliferative properties of WBM, brown A. bisporus (portabella), and Lentinus edodes (shiitake mushroom) on PC3 cancer cells; (2) demonstrate that these properties are exerted through the regulation of both IL-8 and VEGF; and (3) determine the role of NFκB activation in the antiproliferative process of mushroom extracts. Cytokine secretion in the supernatant, NFκB activity, and cell proliferation were measured in PC3 cells incubated with 0−100 µg/mL of ethanol extracts of mushrooms. Mushroom extracts decreased IL-8 secretion and cell proliferation (P < .05), and also tended to decrease VEGF (P < .09). Decreased cell proliferation did not appear to result from cell death because trypan blue exclusion tests showed comparable cell viability among cultures. Mushroom extracts also decreased nuclear and total NFκB activity, and the ratio of nuclear to cytoplasmic activity (P < .05) suggesting altered translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. Our data suggest that the three types of studied mushrooms may modulate tumor growth through inhibition of IL-8, VEGF, and NFκB pathways.


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