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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2004.RAD-4.270
10 pages

Ashish Trivedi
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, 32901, USA

Kunal Mitra
Department of Biomedical Engineering Florida Institute of Technology 150 W University Blvd, Melbourne, FL, USA


Use of short pulse laser for minimally invasive detection scheme has become an indispensable tool in the technological arsenal of modern medicine and biomedical engineering. In this work a time-resolved technique has been used to detect tumors / inhomogeneities in tissues by measuring transmitted and reflected scattered temporal optical signals when a short pulse laser source is incident on tissue phantoms. A parametric study involving different scattering and absorption coefficients of tissue phantoms and inhomogeneities, size of inhomogeneity as well as the detector position is performed. The experimental measurements are validated with a numerical solution of the transient radiative transport equation obtained by using discrete ordinates method. Thus both simultaneous experimental and numerical studies are critical for predicting the optical properties of tissues and inhomogeneities from temporal scattered optical signal measurements.

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