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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2004.RAD-4.390
8 pages

Xiaodong Lu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA

Pei-Feng Hsu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Florida Institute of Technology, USA; School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Dianji University, Shanghai 201306, China


This paper series presents a follow-up study of our previous work on the reverse Monte Carlo method solution of transient radiation transport in the homogeneous media. In this study, the method is extended to consider nonhomogeneous media, which exist in many practical problems. The transport process of ultra-short light pulse propagation inside the non-emitting, absorbing, and anisotropically scattering multi-layer media is studied. Although only one-dimensional geometry is analyzed here, the method is applicable and easy to extend to multidimensional geometries. In Part I, the detailed algorithm of treating the source integration over a path length that contains non-uniform radiative properties is given. Validation and numerical simulations are given in Part II.

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