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The Influence of Mass Transfer in the Crystallizing Ingot on Equilibrium and Kinetics of Steel Deoxidation

N. A. Vatolyn
Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural's Division of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia

A. A. Romanov
Institute of Metallurgy USC Acad.Sci. , Sverdlovsk, USSR


The report concerns the carbon mass transfer in Fe-C- alloys in the basis of quasi-equilibrium two-phase (solid-liquid) zone theory in conformity with ingot solidification. Taking this into account oxygen solubility was estimated in twelve Fe-C-O alloys (up to 4,0% C ) in the temperature range To − Tk. It is shown that % O (T) change is lower than Tl and in the overheated by 100°C melt comes up to 3,6:1 (0,05% С ), decreasing with carbon content to 2,0:1 (3,5% C ), namely carbon oxidation with gaseous product liberation in the liquid melt is essentially lower than that occurring in solidification. An idea of minimum deoxidation is introduced in which CO formation is excluded and a dense alloy macrostructure is provided.

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