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An explicit algebraic turbulence model for buoyant flows

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.ProcSevIntSympTurbHeatTransfPal.790
pages 717-728

D. Vanpouille
Onera The French Aerospace Lab, F-31055, Toulouse, France

Bertrand Aupoix
ONERA Department for Models in Aerodynamics and Energetics 2 Avenue Edouard Belin BP. 4025 31055 TOULOUSE Cedex 4 FRANCE

E. Laroche
Department of Modeling for Aerodynamics and Energetics, ONERA the French Aerospace Lab, 2 avenue E. Belin, 31055 Toulouse, France


A new model for buoyancy driven flows is proposed. It couples an EARSM and an EAHFM aiming to reproduce the coupled effects of dynamics and thermics via the buoyancy terms. Two features of algebraic models are examined. The weak equilibrium assumption at the root of the algebraic model is investigated on a vertical plane channel flow. This hypothesis fails near the velocity maximum and close to the walls. The modeling of the redistribution term and the pressure scrambling term are analyzed on the same configuration. The new model is based on the Wallin and Johansson model for the EARSM and on the Wikstr¨om, Wallin and Johansson model for the EAHFM. The two models are extended to account for buoyancy. The coupling is performed by an iterative resolution of the models. This new model is close to the one developed by So, Jin and Gatski model but is easier to implement.

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