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Akihiko Nakayama
Department of Global Development Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University, Rokkodai, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-8501, Japan

Satoshi Yokojima
Department of Social and Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University 1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima 739-852; Department of Systems Engineering, Shizuoka University Hamamatsu 432-8561, Japan

Yukinori Nakase
Maiduru City Office, Azakitasui, Maiduru 625-8555, Japan


Computation of turbulent flows with free-surface fluctuations is considered within the framework of the Reynoldsaveraged equations of motion and the continuity equation. The mean position of the free surface may be either steady or chaging slowly but the instantaneous position is assumed fluctuating in space and time. The computation of the flow in changing flow domain in the framework of Eulerian Reynolds-averadged equations requires a special treatment as to the Eulerian averages as well as computation of the moving boundary. A method is proposed to incorporate the effects of randomly moving free surface in the widely used k − ω two equation turbulence modeling. Calculations are conducted and the results are compared with experimental results wherever possible. Lack of accurate data of the freesurface position and fluctuation amplitude prevents definite evaluation, but generally the employed two-equation scheme is satisfactory.