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Development of a surface shape for the heat transfer enhancement and reduction of pressure loss in an internal cooling passage

Jeong Hoon Doo
School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University Busan, 609-735, Korea

Hyun Sik Yoon
Advanced Ship Engineering Research Center, Pusan National University Busan, 609-735, Korea

Man Yeong Ha
School of Mechanical Engineering Pusan National University, Jang Jeon 2-Dong, Geum Jeong Gu, Busan 609-735, Korea


A new surface shape of an internal cooling passage which largely reduces the pressure drop and enhances the surface heat transfer is proposed in the present study. The Riblet-mounted Dimple as the new surface shape is consisted of the concave dimple and the riblet which is protruded along the streamwise direction. Direct numerical simulations were conducted in order to simulate the fully developed turbulent flow and thermal fields through the cooling passage at the Reynolds number of 2,800 based on the mean bulk velocity and channel height and Prandtl number of 0.71 (air). The mean pressure gradient is calculated in order to keep the mass flow rate constant in the streamwise direction. The thermo-aerodynamic performance for five different cases considered in the present study was assessed in terms of the Nusselt number, Stanton number, Fanning friction factor, volume goodness factor and area goodness factor. At the riblet angle of 60° among the riblet angles considered in this study, the drag reduced about −22.86% and Nusselt number augmented about 7.05%.