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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2012.SEBUA-12.70
pages 43-52

Karima Boussouara
University of Constantine, Algeria

Mahfoud Kadja
Constantinel University, Laboratory of Applied Energetics and Pollution, Faculty of Technology Sciences, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Constantine 25000, Algeria


The transport sector is one of the major contributors to global warming and air pollution. Because of pollutant emission requirements for individual vehicles, engine designers are very concerned about high pressure Diesel injection and the related cavitation Phenomenon. Computational fluid dynamics is a powerful and cheap tool to investigate such complex systems. The objective of the present investigation is to assess the influence of the combustion mixture on flow fields, temperature distribution and NOx emissions mechanism of formation. A modified version of the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Code KIVA-3V has been used for modeling combustion process and engine emission. Simulation was carried out by using a two-stroke single-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. In this study several models were first developed to describe the mechanical behavior of the engine and the emissions (CO2, NOx,), and the reduction of this species pollutants.

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