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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.CONV.40
16 pages

Christophe Menezo
Universite de Lyon, CNRS, France ; Chaire INSA-EDF Habitats et Innovations Energetiques, CETHIL, UMR5008, F-69621,Villeurbanne, France

S. Giroux
CETHIL UMR 5008, Lyon, France

Univ Lyon, CNRS, INSA-Lyon, Universit ́e Claude Bernard Lyon 1, CETHIL UMR5008, F-69621, Villeurbanne, France

Marco Fossa
Dime, Universita di Genova, Via Opera Pia 15a, 16145 Genova, Italy

Giovanni Tanda
DIME, Università degli Studi di Genova

Eddie Leonardi
Computational Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 2052


Recent increased interest in the development of high-performance buildings is strongly related to the world-wide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to increase fissile and fossil energy savings facing fissile and fossil resources depletion. One of the promising solutions in the development of energy efficient buildings is increasing Photo Voltaic (PV) systems which provide local electricity but can also be developed as source of cooling and/or heating by natural or forced convection. This kind of multifunctional envelop component can be ranked in two categories: Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) systems as double-skin type (façade and roof) or hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (PVT) solar collectors. For both cases the main goal is to enhance heat transfer between PV function and the heat collecting fluid (air or water) trying to reach the most uniform temperature and reducing pressure loss.

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