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6.3 Interaction of a Molten U02 Pool and Its Supporting Structure Analyzed in a 2-D Geometry

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.1982.AdvCourHeatTransfNucReactSaf.590
page 933

L. Biasi
MATEC Sri, Milano

Leonardo Castellano
MATEC, Milano, Italy

A. Colombo
MATEC Sri, Milano

H. Holtbecker
J.C.R. Ispra Establishment


The analysis of the possible phenomena that take place after the contact between a molten pool and a structure, allows to postulate various kinds of scenarios.
Some of them forecast the formation of a stable solid crust at the interface between pool and structure.
Others do not take into consideration this event.
In the present study, it is hypothized the formation of a stable solid crust, whose extension varies in time, that prevents mixing between fuel and molten material coming from the structure Phenomena that are taken into account are therefore :
- natural convection in the molten pool
- crust formation and growth on pool boundaries
- heat transfer with change of phase in the support structure.
The motion and the energy equations are numerically solved in the assumption of a laminar regime. In this present version the model is therefore applicable to systems with low Rayleigh numbers.
Work is in progress to introduce a turbulence model to analyze more realistic situations.

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