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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2013.IntSympRadTransf.350
pages 471-486

Gilles Flamant
Laboratoire des Procedes, Materiaux et Energie Solaire, PROMES-CNRS UPR 8521, 7 rue du Four solaire, 66120 Font Romeu-Odeillo, France

Cyril Caliot
Processes, Material and Solar Energy Laboratory PROMES-CNRS, 7 rue du Four Solaire 66120 Font-Romeu-odeillo, France


Radiation plays a significant role in numerous gas-solid processes such as fluidized beds, heterogeneous combustion systems and solar absorbers-reactors. This paper presents a review of research studies in the three previous domains with emphasizing the contributions of authors. The validity of the approximate solutions of RTE for modeling radiation heat transfer in dense and dilute particulate media is discussed in the view of engineering applications. Moreover the influence of anisotropy of diffusion and spectral variation of solid and properties on radiation field is analyzed in order to conclude on the necessary level of description needed to physically describe heat transfer in participating solid-gas media.

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