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K. Canneviere
University of Rouen, UMR CNRS 6614 CORIA, Avenue de l’Universite - BP 8, FR-76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray Cedex, France

Julien Reveillon
CORIA-UMR 6614 – Normandie Université, CNRS-Université et INSA de Rouen, Campus Universitaire du Madrillet, 76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France

C. Canton-Desmeuzes
CEA/CESTA Groupe Rentrée Etudes et Conception CESTA B.P.2, 33114 Le Barp, France


This work is dedicated to the study of the heat transfer rates within an impinging jet transporting solid particles. Two main configurations have been studied thanks to direct numerical simulations. First, injection and mixing of a spray injected within the main flow was computed. The particles modify strongly the turbulence properties. Consequently, heat transfers between the flow and the impacted wall are strongly modified compared to a one-phase jet impingement. In the second configuration, few solid particles hit the wall and induce the emission of ejecta which are scattered in the turbulent boundary layer and modify again the heat transfers at the wall. It is shown that these two situations alter heat transfers but in an entirely different way. Indeed, particles embedded in the turbulence increase heat transfers whereas ejecta tend to decrease it, compared to a one-phase situation.