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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences
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Journal of Automation and Information Sciences

DOI: 10.1615/JAutomatInfScien.v51.i6.70
pages 66-81

Logistic Systems − the Latest Tool of Integration Processes

Vitaliy M. Gerzanych
Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod
Natalya Yu. Kyrlyk
Uzhgorod National University, Uzhgorod

Краткое описание

Logistic systems as the newest tool of integrated processes are considered. Given the growing trade flows in the direction of Ukraine−EU, as well as the fact that the Ukrainian logistics system is in its infancy, there is a need to study the structure and nature of the development of its logistics market. In the conditions of modem economy there is a need to identify patterns and principles for the formation of the logistics system. Now in Ukraine, more and more attention is paid to the study of the formation of transport and logistics clusters, neglecting research related to the existing socio-economic conditions and integrative processes in the national economy. The article presents the rating positions of Ukraine in accordance with the international Logistics Performance Index (LPI). This index is very important in the economic sense, namely for trade and growth, since it has a strong influence on the attractiveness of the country in terms of attracting to international trade operations. Also the factors constraining the development of logistics systems in Ukraine are considered. The step-by-step process of formation of the logistic systems is disclosed. The development of logistic systems should occur through the gradual optimization of their quality and price criteria, provides for the creation of more comfortable conditions for investors, the construction of organizational and technological foundations for the activities of enterprises of logistics systems based on Western European standards. The list of priorities which are to be solved at the state and regional levels, ensuring the economic growth of the country as a whole, has been determined. Activation of activities for the effective development of the existing logistics potential of Ukraine is possible by attracting investment resources to modernize the material and technical base, as well as through more qualified management of logistics systems in general.


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