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High Temperature Material Processes: An International Quarterly of High-Technology Plasma Processes
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High Temperature Material Processes: An International Quarterly of High-Technology Plasma Processes

DOI: 10.1615/HighTempMatProc.2020032931
pages 365-376


S. Askri
LEVRES Laboratory, University of El Oued, 39000, Algeria
A. Karim Ferouani
LPT, Faculté des Sciences, Université A. Belkaid, 13000 Tlemcen, Algeria; Ecole Supérieure en Sciences Appliquées, ESSA-Tlemcen, Algeria
B. Liani
LPT Laboratory, Université A. Belkaid, Faculté des Sciences, Département de Physique, 13000, Tlemcen, Algeria
S. Ailas
LPT Laboratory, Université A. Belkaid, Faculté des Sciences, Département de Physique, 13000, Tlemcen, Algeria
E. H. Guedda
LEVRES Laboratory, University of El Oued, 39000, Algeria

Краткое описание

Thermodynamic properties at high temperature in gases and/or in plasmas are very important in various fields, namely, in the field of breaking technology in arc, cutting plasma, welding or burning. Knowledge of thermodynamic coefficients is necessary for any modeling involving hydrodynamic equations. This paper is devoted to the calculation of thermodynamic properties of equilibrium compositions: mass density, enthalpy, and specific heat of methane (CH4) thermal plasmas mixed with hydrogen (H2). These data are computed in the temperature range 300−30,000 K and at various pressures (0.1-24) atm. The general results show that the infuence of the methane presence on the thermodynamic properties can be important in this temperature range.


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