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DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2009.CONV.560
7 pages

Nader Ben-Cheikh
Laboratory of Mechanic of Fluids, Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El-Manar, 2092 El-Manar II, Tunis, Tunisia

Antonio Campo
Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405, USA

Nasreddine Ouertatani
Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides, Département de Physique Faculté des Sciences, 2091 Tunis, Tunisia

Brahim Ben-Beya
University of Tunis El Manar, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics, Department of Physics, 2092 Tunis, Tunisia

Taieb Lili
University of Tunis El Manar, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics, Department of Physics, 2092 Tunis, Tunisia


The papers deals with a numerical 3D study of natural convection in a finned Rayleigh-Benard (RB) cubical enclosure. A single fin with a thickness of 10% of the cavity side (and a height of 50%) is placed vertically on the bottom hot wall at TH. The working fluid is air with Prandtl number Pr = 0.71 and the Rayleigh number (Ra) varies from 103 to 105. The solid-to-fluid thermal conductivity ratio (Rk) was fixed at Rk = 7000, corresponding to a metal of high conductivity. The top wall is at the temperature TC <TH and the remaining four surfaces are insulated. Inside the RB enclosure, the flow structure and the temperature distribution are presented in terms of mean velocity vector plots and isotherm plots. The effects of the Rayleigh number on the mean heat transfer rate through the cold wall are presented and discussed. A correlation between the averaged Nusselt number through the top wall and Ra is proposed.

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