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V. Grkovic
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science, P.O. Box 55 21121 Novi Sad Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

J. Petrovic
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science, P.O. Box 55 21121 Novi Sad Novi Sad, Yugoslavia


The paper presents an algorithm, for simulation of the heat-load distribution between the district-heaters connected to the со generation turbine. The algorithm is applicable to different steam extraction arrangements and turbine designs. The results are obtained in three different arrangements of two steam extractions from the со generation turbine: a the warmer extraction is controlled, b the colder extraction is controlled and с both extractions are controlled; and for two different turbine designs. In the simulations the data on Belgrade district-heating system have been used. The results show that the distribution of the total turbine rated heat-load between district heaters at off design load conditions is greatly affected by the steam extraction arrangements at the condensation-extraction turbine, i.e., by combination of controlled and uncontrolled extractions, and, for selected extraction arrangement, by turbine design. The results also show generally large load variations of each heater during heating season, which could be a good potential for both design and operation optimizations.

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