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Prandtl Effect In Jet Flow Type With Variable Properties

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2006.TurbulHeatMassTransf.1140
pages 543-546

A. Abbassi
Unit de Metrologie en Mecanique des Fluides et Thermique, UMFT 03/UR/11-09, Ecole Nationale d'Ingnieurs de Monastir, Rue Ibn El Jazzar, 5019, Monastir, Tunisie

Najah Kechiche
Unit de Metrologie en Mecanique des Fluides et Thermique, UMFT 03/UR/11-09, Ecole Nationale d'Ingnieurs de Monastir, Rue Ibn El Jazzar, 5019, Monastir, Tunisie

Habib Ben Aissia
National School of Engineers of Monastir, Metrology Research Unit and Energy Systems, 5000 Monastir, Tunisia


This paper deals with the study of an axisymmetric laminar buoyant jet with variable properties discharging into an unconfined space filled with the same fluid. The surrounding fluid is at rest. We intend to study the effect of the Prandtl number on the dynamic and thermal behaviour of the jet flow. Variation of properties with temperature is taken into account. For a given fluid, the variation of the Prandtl number and the specific heat constant is neglected. The buoyancy effect is retained in the momentum equation even for the constant properties case, and variation of the density with temperature taken in the momentum equation, obeys to the Boussinesq approximations. The Reynolds numbers investigated in the present study which moderates consequently the jet is slender and steady, and solution can be computed with the boundary-layer equation. Only uniform velocity profile at the nozzle exit is considered. The solution of the governing equations of momentum coupled with the energy, is carried out by finite difference method; on a staggered grid. The result is compared with those obtained by analytic way and found a suitable agreement in the forced convection regime. The Comparison with those obtained with constant properties is also investigated.

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