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RANS/LES coupling in the industrial CFD tool Code_Saturne: Implementation and first results

DOI: 10.1615/ICHMT.2006.TurbulHeatMassTransf.850
pages 423-426

Sofiane Benhamadouche
Fluids Mechanics Energy and Environment Dept., EDF R&D, France

Y. Fournier
EDF R&D, MFEE Department, 6 quai Watier, 78401 Chatou Cedex, France

Flavien Billard
School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE), The University of Manchester, Manchester M60 1QD, U.K.; and EDFR&DMFEE Department, 6 quai Watier, 78401 Chatou Cedex, France

Nicolas Jarrin
The University of Manchester, CFD Group, School ofMech, Aero And Civil Eng, G Begg bld, Sackville St, Manchester M60 1QD, UK

Robert Prosser
The University of Manchester, CFD Group, School of Mech, Aero And Civil Eng, G Begg bld, Sackville St, Manchester M60 1QD, UK


The present paper describes the approach implemented in EDF in-house CFD tool Code_Saturne in order to couple several instances of the code, running on separate computational domains with different turbulence models such as RANS and LES. After a brief discussion on data exchange between at least two instances of the code and on the numerical interpolation between two overlapping unstructured grids, the paper focuses on the Synthetic Eddy Method (SEM) implemented in Code_Saturne. Finally, the RANS/LES tangential coupling is treated by using the SEM to generate a fluctuating field departing from RANS quantities.

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